Thematic Wedding

A wedding in one of the most beautiful Greek islands gives you many options to choose from colors and themes such as sea, the olive, the gods of Olympus, summer fruits and flowers, beach boho gypsy influences and vintage style.

The colors you choose for a summer wedding in the island are  turquoise, pastel powder pink / light blue, the dusty blue, the color of mint or olive, bright yellow, purple lilac lavender and yet the fuchsia of bougainvillea.

Below we give you some ideas for decorating for dinner, the invitations, the wedding cake, presents guests with wedding-themed color

  • Wedding theme : Yellow Elegant summer wedding
    The yellow symbolizes joy, creation, shine and richness. It is also the color of the sun and gold, will bring you good luck and beautiful need for a beautiful beginning of a couple. It is great idea for spring and summer weddings. You can combine it with white and light gray to lilac. You can start with a welcome to the church with juice lemonade, to donate for your guests gifts such as handmade bottles filled with limoncello. Also you can decorate the place with daisies and yellow roses. Your invitations can have elements of fruits in yellow or checkered.

  • Wedding Theme: Blush pink vintage
    Blush Pink symbolizes the femininity, tenderness and innocence . It is one of the most widely used choices for decorating a wedding invitation and the bridal bouquet . It can be used as wedding pastel color and for the summer season , spring and autumn . You can choose between compositions of peon , roses and lilioum.There are also endless options to decorate beautifully your event.
  • Wedding Theme: Summer Beach- boho Style
    An equally beautiful ideal choice for a wedding is a more boho style in front of the beach in summer era, which is more natural and not pretentious. Would the bride and bridesmaids-girlfriends prefer wearing a beautiful wreath of flowers or headpiece embroidered with beads and crystals in their hair, sandals instead of shoes in the sand. You can also give as a wedding gift a silk pashmina or gold fake tattoos. One also very beautiful decoration could be done in benches specially designed front of the beach or on colourful carpets with gold pillows. Lanterns will create a very romantic landscape.
  • Wedding Theme: Vintage style wedding
    A vintage wedding can bring us a sweet nostalgia for the 40's and 50's decade , a trend that has been created in recent years and has become a must. In a vintage wedding there are very beautiful colors that you can choose between the blush pink or Green mint . You can use flowers and grasses with many materials such as wood for rustic decoration . For guests recommend gifts beautiful vintage badges or pins at 50's style , frames and bonbons in boxes decorated with lace .
  • Wedding Theme: Aqua sea colour
    The color of the sea as it's name implies, gives us the feeling of crystal water and dominates as a color choice for summer weddings especially in front of the sea-Beach. It symbolizes purity, infinity, peace. Considering it features of the deepest lakes and oceans that support life endless varieties. Except from the aqua bonbons boxes , we could compose small aqua boats which are equally beautiful to decorate the candy bar. We can also create a beautiful bridal bouquet with varieties of colors like blush pink and aqua together.
  • Wedding Theme: Venice –Dance with masks
    A wedding in Venice is like a fairy tale story that can become true starring with the bride and the groom. We can organize you a dinner with a theme such as '' dance with masks'' in a palazzo or a roof garden hotel overlooking the Grand Canal. We suggest for your guests to donate a commemorative gift such as Venetian masks which can be worn and during the gala dinner. The bride and the groom can be arrived at the Greek Orthodox church of St. George with Venetian gondola wedding. The decor can have many items of Venetian and dance from the time Ages of Casanova under the musical melodies of Vivaldi.
  • Istanbul: Wedding in Patriarchate –One thousand and one nights
    A wedding at the princess of Bosphorus , Istanbul is the most beautiful choice as the fairy tale story ' A Thousand and One Nights ' . As far as the decoration area is concerned ,we can synthesize materials with Oriental elements , colors strongly suggestive of passion as fiery red or Oriental orange , colorful lanterns and lamps, to serve the traditional tea as a starter and sweets traditionally City as kantaifi or pies for a sweet . There are also countless options for your guests gifts like a very nice lantern, traditional oriental headpiece hair for women and rosary for men, also eyes on bracelets or necklaces, ornate jewelry from the Covered Market or collection of various types of spices and tea. There are many choices for the wedding ceremony, we suggest you the wonderful and unique Patriarchate and you for your wedding gala dinner you can choose between a hotel overlooking the sea or a cruise with ship in Bosporus with Greek/orient food choice and Greek oriental music. We also organize and during the reception belly dance by dancers in oriental rhythms or dervish dancers . A wedding in Istanbul is really so magical because it combines our history with oriental element and the amazing sea views in the city .
  • Wedding Theme : PURE WHITE
    White symbolizes light, life, chastity and purity of the soul, hope, joy and optimism. We can decorate your wedding with beautiful white accents and give you a sense of minimalism but mainly elegant. The white color is synonymous with the term marriage and especially preferred as the color for the bridal dress and the bouquet, but also for the invitations and the wedding dinner decorations. Featured flowers in white color for your wedding is the Peon, orchids, fine, roses and hydrangeas.
  • Wedding Theme: GRECIAN STYLE
    Wedding in ancient style can be easily done in the summer season, and we can use for decoration mainly as olive or laurel plant. We can beautifully decorate the space with white and olive green or golden touches in the colors of the olive. Marriage inspired by our ancient Greek Mythology gives a sense of proportion and elegance .We suggest you gold crowns handmade like olive branches, myrtle or as used in Greek mythology for brides as a sacred plant of the goddess Aphrodite. For the guests gifts we can recommend your a gold pin in the shape of olive or bracelets in ancient pattern and bottles with oil.

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