.. Από αυτή την Ημέρα και μετά, δεν θα περπατάς πια Μόνη..
Η Καρδιά μου θα είναι το Καταφύγιό σου και η Αγκαλιά μου θα είναι το Σπίτι σου…

Wedding in MYKONOS

One of the most popular travel destinations in Greece Mykonos. Is one of the nicest destinations to celebrate your wedding.
Widely acclaimed as the most fashionable and exclusive holiday resort in Greece. After the awarding of the Acropolis Museum as the best museum in the world, another prestigious award was given to Greece and vitalized its prospects for next summer: Mykonos was awarded as the best European island, according to the famous magazine Conde Nast Traveller.
In fact, Mykonos wins the Conde Nast Travel Reader's Choice for the seventh time in the row. Once more, Mykonos outrun the most competitive islands of the Mediterranean and southern Europe, including Ibiza, Capri, Madeira and Majorca.
Suitable for Modern, Glamorus & V.I.P Weddings.
     Transfer Services for your guests
     Accommodation Services in hotels
     Limousine for the Couple
      Wedding Reception
      Wedding Cake
     Bridal Make up & Hair stylish Services.
      Decoration of the church and reception sites
      Music & Sound Services coverage ( D.J. or Live Music Orchestra.)
     Photo & Video Services

We organize weddings and wedding receptions, as well as everything you need to have a unique wedding.

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