.. Από αυτή την Ημέρα και μετά, δεν θα περπατάς πια Μόνη..
Η Καρδιά μου θα είναι το Καταφύγιό σου και η Αγκαλιά μου θα είναι το Σπίτι σου…


For a dream wedding, pick Santorini. The island is now in the most ideal destinations in the world for weddings. The breathtaking views of the Caldera, the volcano and of course the famous sunsets make Santorini a unique destination for marriage.
Santorini was voted in the US, as the most beautiful island in the world by the most famous magazine about tourism in the US, named «Travel + Leisure» (which is for trips and tourism what People Magazine is for celebrities).
Civil or religious, it is definitely, once in a lifetime...!
"What makes love last forever?". Those who loved Santorini, loved it forever! The locals say it has a heart that beats loud and vibrates the mountains, the land and the sea.
And the hearts of people  coordinate with its own  and stay... The hours roll smoothly, the island in spring shows another self, the real ... maybe other colors, other action.
In Santorini, close your eyes and feel the quiet power that underlies beneath the dark waters: Those who can feel it, always return back.
The Unique geological phenomenon of the volcano, created a place of astonishing beauty in the middle of the Aegean. Santorini and the volcano will amaze you.
The organization responsible for our wedding consultants will handle everything for you an unforgettable wedding, reception and honeymoon.

Suitable for Modern, Romantic, Traditional, Glamorous & V.I.P Weddings.
Ideal Season: Spring & Summer Weddings.
     Transfer Services for You & Your guests ( Bus Services, air & ferry tickets)
     Accommodation Services in hotels 3*-5* for You and Your Guests.
     Cave Suites, Cave Villas and Cave apartments for Special Private Honeymoons!
     Limousine for the Couple
      Wedding Reception
      Wedding Cake
     Bridal Make up & Hair stylish Services.
      Decoration of the church and reception sites
      Music & Sound Services coverage ( D.J. or Live Music Orchestra.)
     Photo & Video Services

We organize weddings and wedding receptions, as well as everything you need to have a unique wedding.

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