.. Από αυτή την Ημέρα και μετά, δεν θα περπατάς πια Μόνη..
Η Καρδιά μου θα είναι το Καταφύγιό σου και η Αγκαλιά μου θα είναι το Σπίτι σου…


Florence is a magical place and absolute heaven for  lovers and tourists alike! Florence is much more than a tourist destination; it is a divine spot, one of the few historically rich and vivid locations on Earth that speaks out to you in a resonant voice about its magnificence.
Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, is a perfect city in which to get married in. Many couples from all over the world dream of getting married there and decide to celebrate the happiest day of their life in this romantic city.
Florence provides the ideal setting for an unforgettable wedding day, from its beautiful stone palaces all over the city center to the romance of Ponte Vecchio and the green rolling hillsides that surround the city with incredible views of Florence's skyline.

We organize all the details of preparation by the end of your wedding and wedding reception.

     Transfer Services for your guests
     Accommodation Services in hotels 3*- 5* & Private Villas
     Limousine for the Couple
      Wedding Reception
      Wedding Cake
     Bridal Make up & Hair stylish Services.
     Entertainment for Your Guests
      Decoration of the church and reception sites
      Music & Sound Services coverage ( D.J. or Live Music Orchestra.)
     Photo & Video Services
     Everything you need to have a unique wedding.

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